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Precision steel pipe

Precision hexagon pipe

Torque tube seamless

Seamless steel pipe

Thick wall steel pipe

Cold drawn steel tube

Galvanized square torque tube

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Precision steel pipe

Precision steel pipePrecision hexagon pipeTorque tube seamlessSeamless steel pipeThick wall steel pipeCold drawn steel tubeGalvanized square torque tube

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The factory
The factory

    Enterprise strength Enterprise strength

  • Engaged in steel industry for many years,Has its own factory15000Square meters,Employees100Many people SetProduction、The agent、The sale is a bodyThe steel enterprises。
    Strong strength of enterprises, To provide quality guarantee!

    Industry qualifications Industry qualification

  • For many years to focus onSteel pipeThe development of the industry,With major steel millsTeYiJi agentsQualification,
    For many years is evaluatedAt the provincial level、At the municipal levelEnterprise of observing contracts and keeping promise。
    Is good,Have to offer customers all over the country,Extended their consistent high praise。

    Price comparison Price comparison

  • In one handSupply of goods、RichThe supply of goods reserves、Is lowerThe sale price,The variety is complete,Market more Suffers bestow favor on
    The price is reasonable,Don't talk to more than the minimum,The same qualityThe most dominant。

    Technical advantage Technology advantage

  • A number ofInvention patentAndThe patent for utility modelTechnical support,High precisionHigh quality,For multiple large engineering companies and factory outputHigh qualityThe steel pipe products。
    Free for customers to solve technical problems,Provide technical advice free of charge。

0635-2185656  13969512678

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Areas of application
Areas of application

Company profile / about us

Company profile
Liaocheng city development LTD co., LTD

Liaocheng is located in shandong liaocheng city development zone development LTD co., LTD,Company's main production and operation of precision steel tube、Precision hexagon pipe、Torque tube seamless、Seamless tube、Thick wall pipe、Cold drawn steel tube、Special pipe, etc。And we can processing according to your requirements、Seamless tube cutting all kinds of special materials,Also can according to your requirement set rolling a variety of material specifications of the futures。 Company specializing in the production and sales of products are series of seamless steel tube:Seamless steel pipe、Precision steel pipe、High pressure boiler tube、Low medium pressure boiler tube、The structure of tube、Fluid tube、Oil steel pipe、Fertilizer special tube, etc。 My company's existing40Punch1Taiwan、50Punch1Taiwan、60Punch1Taiwan,30Finishing mill2Taiwan,50Finishing mill2Taiwan、A drawbench4Taiwan(Specializing in the production of seamless steel tube,Hot rolled steel pipe,Cold drawn steel tube,And core of precision cold drawn pipe,Cold rolled precision tube。Specifications10-159mmAnnual production capacity80000Tons) Companies adhering to the“Quality benefits,…

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  • The partner

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Precision tube weight calculation formula
Allow deviation level standardization diameter deviationD1±1.5%,The smallest±0.75 mmD2
Precision seamless steel tube
Precision seamless steel tube is a kind of after cold rolling processing of a kind of high precision steel pipe;The full name:Cold rolled precision seamless steel tube。Because the interior and exterior wall anaerobic precision seamless steel tube…
When in domestic manufacturing of cold drawn steel tube welding method is which…
In domestic manufacturing of cold drawn steel tube when adopted two kinds of welding methods。The special machine manufacturing industry in Russia,Manufactured a series of titanium alloy to stainless steel and cold…
The length of the national standard of cold drawn steel tube is the most common size
Each type of cold drawn steel tube with different sizes,Such as seamless cold drawn steel tube outer diameter 50mm 的,Wall thickness 2.5-10mm 的 15 Kind of;Or the same wall thickness 5mm…

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Precision steel pipe prices will first shock fall short or medium term

Precision steel pipe prices will first shock fall short or medium term

For precision steel pipe market price movements,Analysts say10-12The shape of the month will be the first weak after the strong。Specific to see,Due to steel inventories are still relatively high,At the same time, the United StatesQE、The debt ceiling still unresolved,Short term is necessary to the callback;Many factors,Steel demand is not bad,Social inventory is not high,Raw material prices、The spot price and output is not high;In addition,The third plenary session of the forthcoming,Good basic for macroeconomic trend remains the same,Together with the confidence of the upturn in supply and demand and still can issue of the real estate industry,Steel prices still have rebound foundation after the fall。Analysts also said,Due to import iron ore price support steel prices,Steel fell space is limited,The ore is more limited;International steel association also expected2014In steel…

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