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Want to high quality、Speed is fastAfter-sales service good electric heater custom manufacturer is looking for catch up

01Catch up with science and technology products sold throughout the countryAnd in the domestic has multiple service operations to ensure after-sales service work
Product quality is reliable、Security,Large quantity,Established by the good faith for the purpose of after-sales service system
02The introduction of domestic technology and production testing equipment
Technical guarantee,Ensure the product quality,To win the market
03Catch up set"The customer is supreme"Business ideas
Yancheng title of advanced unit for many years,Rated by the yancheng city government"Civilized unit""Enterprise of observing contracts and keeping promise".
04The transportation is convenientSave the logistics cost for you,Help you save money
A、Located in central jiangsu by east,Located in the jianghuai between,Lixia river abdomen,The new port of the upstream;
B、East connected to yancheng pavilion of the lake,Southeast border with dafeng city,South separates the xing salt forms and xinghua,West and baoying、JianHu two adjacent county;
C、In the electric heater and heating furnace production base-Yancheng yandu district
0524Hours online service,If you have the door the scene to solve quality problem
A、Free proofing、Free shipping、Free after-sales;
B、The more we can design according to customer requirements of products,Provide drawings,Voltage,Power,Size;
C、Cost-effective ultra-high after-sales service,Let you look easy;
D、The integration of marketing,All aspects of service,Strictly grasp the quality of the product。

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Yancheng city to catch up with science and technology co., LTD

   Yancheng city to catch up with science and technology co., LTD is a professional engaged in the production of various kinds of electric heater、Tempering furnace、Rare earth thermal insulation engineering、Chemical fiber machinery、Non-standard machinery、The study of the electric heater production、Sales and service as one of the modern enterprise。Catch up with science and technology product best-selling everywhere,And in the domestic has multiple service operations to ensure after-sales service work,Achieved good economic and social benefits。

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